Friday, November 11, 2011

Metacrock is a Crock of Shit

I recently came across a website that talks about atheist bullying.  I left my comment and moved on.  Lo and behold I was contacted by the owner of the blog with some rather nasty comments.  You can see them here.

I was thoroughly confused with this attack.  I did respond, but unfortunately I did not save them so that I can post them here and I doubt that Joe Himman aka Metacrock will allow my comments to be shown on his site (as my research has shown that he does indeed block or delete comments when he losses or is shown to be an idiot.  Here.)

Since I will not fall prey to the same filthy tactics let's look at the comments by both people.  This next link has a partial viewing of the comment I made to Joe's initial blog.  Unfortunately, now I cannot find the original blog ( how convenient)  Here.  As you can see my comment had nothing to do with "atheist propaganda".  But of course metacrock has to twist things to make himself sound a bit better.  Now on his site, he is not as abusive, but as you can see from his blog, he didn't have anything to really say about my comment besides that one point.  Yet look at his response brutally attacking me here.

  As you can see, his exact words are, "It's amazing how quickly you given in to atheist brain washing. are you lonely? You have no friends, you need an identity need a group to join, and you hate God because you hate yourself?"  How is any of this relevant to a discussion?  I hope that Joe does allow all my comments to be shown on his site.  You can check if he does.  My comments

I am not going to dedicate my life and time to arguing with a numb nut.  Thank you Joe for showing me that once again, Xian ignorance knows no boundaries and you are just a common person in a group of common delusional people.